Happy Hour


http://FinesseCurves 013I stopped downtown at the Marquee after work for happy hour sponsored by 100.3 The Beat. It was a lot of fun, with Mishelae as the host.




I wouldn’t mind swinging by the Marquee next Thursday on the way home from work. The menu, drinks and music was on point.


This combo is good for a family affair, work or a night at the bar!


Style notes: Pashmina – Jewelry – Dress

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  1. fiercevillain says:

    Awesome post! And I love everything about your blog! So worth the follow. 🙂
    If you have time, please check out my fashion blog

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    1. Will do, chica! As a beauty junkie, I am loving your blog!

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  2. Dana Fashina says:

    Phew, phuuu!
    That’s me cat calling you 😁


    1. Hehe I felt like a hot gypsy in my head-wrap. Thanks for stopping by, now pass me a pot brownie! 😉


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