How ’bout those apples?

Being an apple-shaped gal, I’m always looking for flattering pieces that flow away from the body or just skim my curves. So thankfully, the jumper-style draping on this dress sent to me by A’nie’s Accents hides all my problem areas from the VBO to the back fat. A lot of plus size influencers say that you should…

Mad About Chelsea

Chelsea boots are making a welcomed comeback into my wardrobe. I’m just loving all the selections of booties this season. They are perfect for the office and chic to wear out on the town, too. It’s been too long, Chelsea. Am I right? Style notes: Shirt: Torrid (Old) Jacket: Ava&Viv Skirt: Ashley Stewart (Old) Boots  …

Pumpkin Spice Life

You know it’s fall when pumpkin spice starts to consume your life. It’s in the coffee, the pastries, and even comes through in fashion color palettes.


Cultural appropriation, cultural smoppropriation – I’ve had this dashiki for years. It’s not my fault its on-trend. Oh – it’s a culotte jumpsuit too!

A Very Happy Unbirthday

  I am posting every day this week in honer of what I truly consider to be my blogiversary. About this time last year, I’d just returned from NYFW, and I’ve been delivering weekly content ever since… well, I try.

Power Dress

There’s nothing I love more than a great power dress. You know, that dress you put on, and then you totally own the room, and you can wear it out to happy hour… Yas, that’s this dress.

How to rock a cropped top at the office

There is always a time and a place for a cropped top. Middrift is not appropriate for church (ahem: Kendall Jenner), and typically not for the office (too distracting).