Meditation for Beginners

I never considered meditation as a solution to finding balance and peace until I stumbled upon a Russell Simmons video. Amazed by his insight on how yoga and meditation are life changing, I decided to try it myself.

What’s the real story?

Like many people, I didn’t like to practice meditation because it felt very foreign and unnatural. I felt this way myself for a long time until I did some research and opened up my mind. While it does have Hindu roots, there are many wonderful types of meditation to practice.

People fail to realize that meditation is closely related to prayer; all walks of life and religions do it. Meditation is done to slow the mind and be enlightened.

Here’s the deal:

Many of us are stressed and our health is suffering because of it. Taking a moment to slow down and quiet the mind creates a healthy internal environment.

Meditation also:

  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Manages ADHD
  • Stimulates gamma wave activity in the brain
  • Improves mental function and focus
  • Soothes premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Alleviates adrenal fatigue, and more

How can you actually get started?

I started by doing guided meditation sessions. Russell Simmons has a free mobile app that can help. (He also has an awesome book.)

Eventually, though, you want to move away from guided meditation. The goal is to decrease external distractions and stimuli so you can get the most out of each session.

What’s more?

Once you can meditate independently, you can advance to breathing exercises, or breathwork, to achieve a meditative state. Proper breathwork will energize the mind and increase blood oxygen levels, leaving you feeling brand new.

Personally, I use the 4-7-8 method to perform my breathwork.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Meditation is great to do first thing in the morning, after a workout or in the evenings.
  • Try to do it for at least 10 minutes.
  • Don’t meditate when you are sleepy. It shouldn’t be a tool to go to sleep; you want your mind to be active.
  • Meditation does not go well with caffeine or alcohol. You want to eliminate anything that alters your body’s natural chemistry.

What’s next?

Yoga! Meditation and yoga are an awesome pair because they marry breathwork, physical and mental agility and relaxation. I already have the gear; I just have to practice and get the moves down.

Plus size yoga can be a challenge, but the right props and training are key. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing plus size clothes and poses with you all in no time.

Please let me know what you do to reduce stress and achieve stillness.


Style Notes:


Leggings/Compression Pants

Henna (She’s the best!)







12 Comments Add yours

  1. ohwizeone says:

    I could use some meditation in my life right now!! I love the henna it’s a nice touch!


    1. Thanks! Meditation feels strange at first but when you’re done, you feel the difference.

      So I encourage people to do a little research and get started!

      Thanks for stopping by, love!


  2. Ashley says:

    I’ve always wanted to start practicing meditation. I’ve just never known where to begin! Thanks for the insight ❤


    1. Yes, it’s really been a great journey so far! Cannot wait to chat more about your progress on your meditation, love. Have a great week!


  3. Silksache't says:

    love it…i need to meditate myself, sometimes its just too much going on to focus on certain things. and I know that would help. Great post love 🙂


    1. Yes – it can do wonders for general stress, your overall well being, and more.

      I really want to say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever started doing!

      Thanks for swinging by, love!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree with Ashley. I just don’t know where to begin but this post has been a great help. Now can I talk about the henna, the nail polish that matches the mat and all the black girl magic happening in this post??


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ All a coincidence – swear! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by – I hope this information can help you as much as it's helped me, girl!


  5. In college I started doing transcendental meditation, went to the classes and everything. I was dating someone who was really into it. I kept feeling as though I was subjecting myself to a spirit other than God’s. Even the mantra I was given, I had no idea what I was saying. Although I do believe in the power of quiet meditation, now I do it using God’s word. I meditate on His goodness and mercy. His forgiveness and love. The feelings of peace and joy are overwhelmingly. It prepares me for my day ahead, putting me in a positive mindset that NOTHING is too hard for my God!


    1. I agree: Meditation doesn’t have to be religious. It’s about slowing and quieting the mind.

      You don’t have to do a mantra, you can just do breathing exercises in silence.

      And, there’s Jewish Meditation, Christian meditation (as mentioned in my blog:

      Meditation and prayer are closely related.

      You can meditate in the spirit of Christ for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. Maryam says:

    This is super helpful – And yes girl you should definitely share clothes and poses with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you’re finding this useful! I will be sharing my journey every step of the way. Stayyy tuned and have a great Sunday!


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