Tech Tuesday: Time Hack

So, I’ve totally been binge-watching the Olympics in Rio. Man, it’s so electrifying – especially the gymnastics. And, I cannot wait for track and field this weekend!

It’s like the whole world slows down for a moment and you’re just sitting there relaxed, feeling the spirit of a champion right from where you’re sitting. And, you feel inspired to be a better person or just work harder in life. Dedicate yourself to your crafts…

But, as hard as we work, we have to make time to do things that make us happy.

In a #gigeconomy where #solopreneurship is becoming a busy way of living, it’s crucial to carve out time to enjoy life.

This smart watch is such a time hack; it allows you to do just that. The Moto 360 is great because you can do so much at a glance. I’m not fumbling through my bag trying to keep up with notifications; the living is really easy with this one.


This watch does more than I even need it to do, syncing up to everything on my phone including the GPS; telling me how many steps I’ve taken and the weather. It’s very intuitive.

Style Notes:


Skirt (Old – similar for $8)

Shirt (Old but it’s Vince Camuto )

This post was a collaboration with Verizon; all opinions are my own.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Can we talk about the color of that top and your stems??? Your black girl magic game is too STRONG!


    1. Thanks, Love!! This top is bomb diggity – I wish it were still in stock!!


  2. Silksache't says:

    yess i love the color of that top…i can never pay attention to what you really want your readers to look at (the watch) because my behind is always looking at your outfits….ha ha


    1. LOL!! I hear you. It’s pretty much fashion first on my site.

      I am incorporating technology and lifestyle stuff, but you know… gotta give the ppl what they came for!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Silksache't says:

        Omg yes it really is…its like u cant help


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