You know, we should take vacations more often. They say coffee breaks and vacations are key to success; it’s true!

So, I’ve been doing this thing where I attend one conference a year – at least – for my personal, professional development. Last year, it was The CurvyCon; this year, the #ASxTCFStyleExpo in ATL. Next year, maybe something different. Although, I wouldn’t mind going back to the TCF Style Expo because it was a lot of fun.

Meeting up with blogger boos and fanning out is always a blast. Also, the panels and vendors at this event added so much value to the trip. It’s nice to have that face-to-face connection with brands with people I usually admire from the comfort of my home office.

It’s an experience that strengthens the connection to your own personal visions. I left so inspired and assured of what I want for my brand.


|Day one was full of panels, networking, and VIP afterparty fun!|


What people seek and find from attending conferences is always different. I’m never one to over-promote myself. Many would see that as a missed opportunity, but I truly don’t. My tactic is always to have fun and make genuine connections along the way; this way, I get quality face time with whom I develop a natural chemistry.

I forgot my business cards home in Saint Louis (oops); however, I was still able to discuss business with several CEOs and secure some upcoming gigs.


|During day two, we were able to shop, mingle and enjoy more panels. I love my finds from The Thiq Boutique (@TheThiqBoutique) and Handmade with Love.|

Here are more tips for you to take away when planning for your next conference:

  1. Pack light. While you want to have enough outfits for each day and night, leave some room in your suitcase for swag and things you may buy from vendors throughout your trip.
  2. Don’t forget your business cards. You never know who might follow up and give you a lead on a gig. Plus, having your cards on deck conveys a sense of professionalism.
  3. Stay at the host hotel; this way, you can be close to the event. Also, you never know who you may bump into in the hotel lobby, allowing the chance for some great networking, fun and elevator conversations.
  4. Be yourself. It’s okay to get in where you fit in and make new friends. Or, go off and do your own thing in between sessions; this way, you have time to decompress. And, you never know who you may find playing hooky, too.

And, here’s what I wore by the way:

|Skirt in the first pic| Shirt in the second pic | Shirt in the third pic | Chokers|

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If you decide to come out next year – and you should  – get ready for great energy and serious networking. I definitely took away some knowledge and contacts that I’m excited about.






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