So theCURVYcon was a lot of fun! I got to meet a lot of bloggers that I’ve been following, and also shop with retailers that I typically only access online.

Most importantly, it was amazing to have some personal time to myself -although it was only just roughly 36 hours. I believe everybody should take a day to themselves and enjoy something personal.

I hit up the Jibri pop-up shop, and also got lots of shopping done at the convention. I also made some new connections that I am thrilled about, and I do not think this would have been possible with an entourage.

The last time I went to NYC, it was Fall Fashion Week 2014, and I was with a group of 6 people. While that was so much fun, trying to execute exploring/shopping/eating goals for 6 people left me more than exhausted. We were with my aunt who used to live in NYC, so we were walking and taking the sticky train everywhere. However, for Full Figured Fashion Week, I enjoyed many cab rides, and I am not ashamed to admit that.


Sorry some of these pictures are so blurry. I have a hard enough time learning how to use my camera myself, and when I let another person tackle this beast of a camera, though? Forget about it! I do ALWAYS appreciate anybody willing to take my picture, though, because the struggle is mad real!

Anyways, there were a lot of cool bloggers, Youtubers and models in the building. TheCURVYcon offered several panels throughout the event, and although it was noisy, I took away some great information. Here is what went down:

How to be Stylish at any Size presented by Chafing Relief Powder Gel® from MONISTAT® Complete Care™


Rock Your Confidence: From the Bar to the Boardroom


Speaker Meet & Greets


Plus Size Health and Fitness


Sex, Love & Dating at any size


Amber Riley Keynote



Style notes: I grabbed this dress, along with some high waist slouch pants, from JIBRI the morning of the event. On my way back to my friend’s apartment to change, I grabbed these bangles off the street. It was super-risky not having an outfit planned, but this trip was not planned, so yeah…

I did slip into these flats by the end of the event, as were a lot of other ladies! I got lots of praise on this comfy look.

I cannot wait for theCURVYcon 2016. I am hearing buzz about them doing it in different cities too, which is so exciting!

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  1. kesh says:

    I love that dress!


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