TBT: FrizzFest

I attended FrizzFest a couple weekends ago and it was so lit! Lots of women gathered to celebrate natural hair. It was a beautiful representation of natural beauty in the media. I love that this event promoted self-love and confidence among women. People from all over the city came out to enjoy vending and lots of…

Fat Girl Magic

It’s about that time of the year when we celebrate freedom – “Independence Day.” But, my ancestors weren’t free on this day. Many of us celebrate Juneteenth, instead. Maybe this year, we can really celebrate change on the fourth… change is up to you, though. As we still struggle to find freedom, I found it appropriate…

Memoirs of a Blogger

I wanted to open this up with an inspirational quote from Memoirs of a Geisha (you know, because of the umbrella), and then I realized how depressing that movie is – seriously! I cannot believe I used to be into a book/movie that’s just so sad. Like, I am so happy for feminism and the…

Flowers for Muva

If your mother is anything like mine, she reads your outfits like the Fashion Police. And, she won’t hesitate to let you know if the cleavage to leg ratio is tasteful or if you look fat or skanky in an outfit. Sometimes, these reads are hard to swallow, but I truly appreciate the honesty. So…


Sometimes, I lay things on thick – especially animal print. Animal print is the new neutral. So that’s even more of an excuse to go HAM.

The Book of Palms

Palm prints have definitely been all the rage this year. With all the beautiful prints available, I knew I had to find something for myself.

Treat Yo’self

Oh, hey! It has been too long – sorry ’bout it. I’ve just been busy collecting myself after a month of traveling, gluttony and living (had to treat myself). So you know I am grinding hard to balance out all that fun. 


I enjoyed SwimsuitsForAll bathing suits during my spring vacation. I brought a few, because I knew I would be doing everything from water sports to drinking in the hot tub.


So theCURVYcon was a lot of fun! I got to meet a lot of bloggers that I’ve been following, and also shop with retailers that I typically only access online.