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http://FinesseCurves.comOh, hey!

It has been too long – sorry ’bout it. I’ve just been busy collecting myself after a month of traveling, gluttony and living (had to treat myself). So you know I am grinding hard to balance out all that fun. 

So anyways, I got this skirt while shopping at the Eloquii booth in theCURVYcon mall. It was so amazing to experience the brand in person. I was pleasantly surprised with the soft material of this skirt – scuba! I was also surprised to get this skirt a size smaller than what I usually wear.

Eloquii is known for gorgeous skirts. After lusting for a long time,  I am thrilled to finally own one – score! The stuff they offer is just so classic and luxurious.

I wore this to a family gathering. This is the perfect skirt for a family outing or for the office. The length is just so chic and fun!


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  1. Dana Fashina says:

    Oooh I do like that skirt!
    And I like how you styled it too!
    I’m sure the family gathering was great, and the food must have been even better heehee!

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    1. It was – there were some regular shit, and then some special vegan food too! BTW, I really hope this is dehydrated seaweed and not kale that I recommended from TJ’s. Regardless, I am sure they have both. I am so braindead…

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      1. Dana Fashina says:

        I’ll check and get back to you 😀


  2. kesh says:

    I have that same skirt. Just got it two weekends ago. I’ll be wearing it this weekend for my family reunion banquet in Chicago!

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    1. This skirt is everything, and so comfortable, right?! Have fun in the Chi!


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