Http://FInesseCurves.comThere’s nothing I love more than a great power dress. You know, that dress you put on, and then you totally own the room, and you can wear it out to happy hour… Yas, that’s this dress.

Not only does this dress fit like a glove, it’s classic design and great material makes it a long-lasting wardrobe staple.

Can you believe that it’s Ava & Viv?! I must say that I am quite impressed compared to their spring offerings, which were pretty basic.

Http://FinesseCurves.comHttp://FinesseCurves.comHttp://FinesseCurves.com OOTD 010 These pictures are a bit over-exposed, so it’s hard to see the detail of the garment, but it’s a white dress with a black grid design. Simple dress that makes a big statement. Oh yeah – the motto jack is Ava & Viv too, and it fits beautifully.


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