Geeky Chic

Geeky is chic to me, and I couldn’t imagine my life without my specs.

Power Dress

There’s nothing I love more than a great power dress. You know, that dress you put on, and then you totally own the room, and you can wear it out to happy hour… Yas, that’s this dress.


Sometimes, I lay things on thick – especially animal print. Animal print is the new neutral. So that’s even more of an excuse to go HAM.

Black & Blue

Blue has never been my favorite color, but I’ve been splashing it into my wardrobe these days. Just doing some new things; I had to shake it up a bit.

Psychedelic Shift

  I’ve been working like crazy, so I’m keeping it short – very short! I got the dress via Gwynnie Bee and it’s bomb! That is all.      

Bloggers Be Like

I got this dress via Gwynnie Bee, and had to wear it one last time before I sent it back. I cannot wait to get some more cute pieces from them this week! So, anyways, these photos almost did not go up because of they’re over-exposed. Good lighting for photos is just one of the many things…

Future Fresh

The future is freelancing. We all want money and time, right? Freelancing is great because it gives you that sense of autonomy. It lets you explore your passions for money. I started getting closer to my dreams by freelancing and monetizing my talents. I gradually built my portfolio, starting with small jobs, and then eventually decided…

Come out and PLAY

Another day, another dollar… I find myself so caught up in the hustle sometimes – meetings, calls, emails, grooming… I love working, it makes me feel in control of things: I like control. I like to plan. I like to be ahead of the game. I have to remind myself to fall back and chill. One…