BaeDay 033Sometimes, I lay things on thick – especially animal print.

Animal print is the new neutral. So that’s even more of an excuse to go HAM.

I don’t want to be that lady, but I cannot help it – it’s like crack… errrr kryptonite. I just have to have it.

So you know this skirt was calling my name. The black and white color palette and the animal print is everything.

Http://FinesseCurves.comHttp://FinesseCurves.comHttp://FinesseCurves.comHttp://FinesseCurves.comStyle Notes:

Skirt: FTF

Duster: City Chic

Top: Rainbow

Shoes: Lane Bryant

Belt: Wet Seal

“My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.”–Jackie Collins 


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  1. whachudoin says:


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    1. IRA!!! Did you move back or are you visiting?! I saw you on Zach’s Snap Chat!!


  2. Silksachet says:

    i love everything…i am gonna steal that clutch from you tho ha ha


    1. Haha – thanks! I got this clutch and the Bijoux Terner store in the Miami airport for $10!!!

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