70s Vibes

I am thrilled that 70s-inspired fashion is back because these trends are right up my alley. This here is a low-budget look, and I am less than pleased with some of the pieces here, mostly because of the fit.

Junior plus size clothing is so unpredictable. I’ve ordered from these retailers before, but I suppose they carry multiple lines in-store; this means, I need to try stuff on to ensure the fit is right. I can usually eyeball if something is going to fit properly. However, I struggled to get these jeans over my thighs and the arms on this kimono are kind of tight. This is totally strange, considering I’ve not had issues ever before… So I ordered the kimono online, but I bought the jeans in-store by the way.



Now, I have lost some weight – about 15 pounds since February; however, I will need to donate or sell these jeans if I cannot drop some more pounds. I mean, I fully intend to do that, but I am just saying… I’m 5’10.5, so I’mma need the inseam to be a few inches closer to my crotch for these to work. We’ll see…

I paired this with a fringe bag and some fun accessories; along with flats because I was just planning to run some errands – no big deal.

I am somewhat happy with this look; however, I’d be happier if I felt more comfy in my clothing, which is why I am working on my fitness. Yeah, I’ve had a few health scares too, but let me be honest: I am trying to get my sexy back!




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    1. Thanks – I am loving your blog too!


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