Trish McEvoy: Power of Makeup Class Review



I was totally thrilled when my ARCONA rep, Kim, asked me to attend a Trish McEvoy workshop sponsored by Nordstrom. I practice professional makeup art, so I am always interested in perfecting my craft.




The set-up was so cute, sectioned off on the far edge of the cosmetics area. It started at 6:30, so the store was pretty calm. There were light refreshments to enjoy while we socialized before the class started.

We started off with the Power of Skincare routine. This included various cocktails of cleansers and moisturizers and serums.

Then, we went in on the makeup. This is when things got interesting: We started off with the coolest tight-lining technique ever using the Intense Gel Eyeliner (which was really nice).

To execute this technique: Hold the pencil upright underneath the upper lashes and press and wiggle between each lash. You want to make small dots – this really defines the eyes.

We went on to dig into our custom Power of Organization makeup planners, and moved on to the eyebrows. Trish has an awesome brow pencil. We all kept our faces pretty neutral, and focused on the Triangle of Light technique, also known as highlighting. They have a limited selection of deeper shades of face colors, so we had to mix two different foundations. The end result was a perfect match.

I am loving this neon coral Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Color. However, I did have to build the product a bit to achieve my desired level of color.

This is not exactly how I would typically do my makeup, but it looked good. It also lasted a really long time – I fell asleep with this face on, and then woke up like this.





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    1. Thanks! Her tight-lining technique works magic.


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