Bloggers Be Like


I got this dress via Gwynnie Bee, and had to wear it one last time before I sent it back. I cannot wait to get some more cute pieces from them this week!

So, anyways, these photos almost did not go up because of they’re over-exposed. Good lighting for photos is just one of the many things I think about more now that I am blogging regularly. I find myself always searching for good lighting. Golden hour is my new favorite time.

I always have to make sure my camera is fully-charged, and that have enough memory to store files and footage. I invested in external hard drive, in case I should ever need the space… Needless to say, a lot of ish makes this possible.

When I work with local photographers, I don’t have to worry about all of these things. Sometimes, I trade for portfolio or other services. I also opted to get a remote for quickies, but I prefer to use a photographer, so they can go in. (STL talent, where are you at?! I’m just running through the 314 with my WOES.)

I could go on about other blogger woes, but the truth is that I love sharing things on my blog and discovering other blogger sites to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.


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