Future Fresh

Future Fresh

http://finessecurves.com2015-04-28 07.02.16The future is freelancing. We all want money and time, right? Freelancing is great because it gives you that sense of autonomy. It lets you explore your passions for money.

I started getting closer to my dreams by freelancing and monetizing my talents. I gradually built my portfolio, starting with small jobs, and then eventually decided to get some big agency experience to further groom my skills. I love being at a job again, and I also love having work on the side to supplement the income I already have.

Some things that really helped me get my freelancing career going:

1. Finding my niche in my field and focusing on that. (Besides writing and editing, I am learning how to do some Web development and other things, but it’s just a skill to supplement what I already do.)

2. Networking, networking, networking…. Network!

3. Making my own “office hours,” during which I take time to do emails and execute any tasks related to my freelance career; this is outside of my regular workflow.


At Industrious

I stopped by the new Industrious St.Louis location today for an open house. This is a great community workspace for freelancers and small business owners. They had lots of tempting snacks on deck and the space was super-posh. I was able to run into some old friends and make some new connections too.

By the way, I got this dress during the latest ASOS sale. Everything from them fits like a dream, and I just love the “future flair” of this dress. The earnings are from Twisted Angels.

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