Memoirs of a Blogger

I wanted to open this up with an inspirational quote from Memoirs of a Geisha (you know, because of the umbrella), and then I realized how depressing that movie is – seriously!

I cannot believe I used to be into a book/movie that’s just so sad.

Like, I am so happy for feminism and the avenues that it has created for us not to be so damn sad and subjected to a life of other people’s beauty standards, etc.

However, the mi sen scene was absolutely captivating, and I’m still here for that. I cannot say that this look was inspired by the film, but it’s ultra feminine (like the looks in the film) – a little off-the-shoulder action, a pink maxi and dainty brolly, sure.

These are the summer looks I live for:

A full skirt, so you can let your food baby hang. Ruffles to boot, so you can let the girls hang, too. (I know it’s not for everybody.)

But, Yas. So much yas.


Style Notes:

Top: Rainbow (Old – similar here)

Skirt: Rainbow (Pink is sold out but may be available in-store – more options here)

Umbrella: Old (Similar here)


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  1. Yas bishhhh, agreed! So much YASSS!!
    And I didn’t realize how depressing that movie really was until you said so just now.
    I wonder what else I’m sleeping on lol

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    1. I fucking know, right? I just realized this tonight, too… LMAO!

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  2. ohwizeone says:

    I soo agree. Why are we supposed to be sad because we don’t look like someone else’s expectations? I swear I want to show the world I’m fat n happy and I care not about their standards!!… Love the fit! 🙂


    1. Thanks, love! I am so tired of being told how to act/be/look/dress. You know?!!

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  3. We have to love and nurture our outer shell because it protects our soul! Being fat is not the worse thing a person can be and I’m so over that propaganda. On to a happier note, this ensemble is so soft and feminine. You never fail with the outfit inspo!


    1. “We have to love and nurture our outer shell because it protects our soul!” LOVE that – so true! I do care about my health and wellness but society has literally told me that I’ve “given up” on myself. (I can’t with people sometimes. LOL!)

      But, health is a large word, and the foundation of it is the soul – amen!

      Girl… so many thoughts on this. I don’t know why I don’t talk about it more.

      Thanks for stopping by my lil ol’ blog and showing some love, girl!

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