White Hot

All white plus size Finding an all white ‘fit was quite the challenge. However, I had to find something, because there is guaranteed to be an all white affair every spring or summer. (We know this…)

I ordered a few things that came in and just were not white.  (Ugh – so annoying!) I do not know why things are tagged as white when they are ivory, or whatever. 

I searched for what seemed like forever, and did not see anything that I thought would flatter me or that I loved. So when I saw this shirt and skirt, I knew it was a winning combo. This neckline and pencil skirts typically look fab on me. Both items could also be mixed with other wardrobe staples – it’s perfection.

The best things about this whole outfit is that it was under $30. While these items may be sold out online, they’re likely available in stores. If you are not having luck, similar items can be found here.

http:/FinesseCurves.comAll white plus size All white plus size All white plus size


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  1. alano87 says:

    All white hottie 😉

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  2. Dana Fashina says:

    Seriously a great find!
    And soooo budget friendly (I’m back on a budget).
    Cracking up @ “we know this….” – yes ma’am there is ALWAYS an all-white party in the summer 😀

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    1. Yes – I am so excited to remix this outfit over, and over again. I’ll be damned if I do not go to another all white affair! I am supposed to be on a budget to, but I feel a SPLURGE coming on. *Whoop there it is voice* I need help.

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      1. Dana Fashina says:

        Who you telling – I am trying SO hard to be good…. ugh


  3. April Nunez says:

    Such a nice lovely outfit, You look stunning dear! Great post! 🙂

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

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    1. Thanks – this look was worth hunting for!


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