The Book of Palms

Palm prints have definitely been all the rage this year. With all the beautiful prints available, I knew I had to find something for myself.


I enjoyed SwimsuitsForAll bathing suits during my spring vacation. I brought a few, because I knew I would be doing everything from water sports to drinking in the hot tub.

White Hot

Finding an all white ‘fit was quite the challenge. However, I had to find something, because there is guaranteed to be an all white affair every spring or summer. (We know this…)

Getting My Life

If you think you are too fat for water sports, you are not alone. I had my doubts about dying – seriously.

Get Fruity

I really wanted to wear something festive in Cozumel, Mexico. So I knew I had to break out the tropical fruit prints, which I had been dying to wear all season. I’ve been seeing this dress – yes, this is a dress – for months now, but when I saw Kim, The Natural Fashionista, wearing this, I was…

Elevators & Food Pics

Nobody ever sits down to share meal anymore, so it was pretty awesome to sit down during vacation to chat about pop culture, news and other obnoxious things while noshing on all kinds of goodness. We got totally dolled up and jazzed to sit around and have juicy dinner table talk everynight of vacation. So…

Miami Sunrise

We touched down in Miami the Sunday before Memorial day, and it was live. Visions of beefcake and bikini babes overwhelmed the scene – something I can surely get used to. I quickly slipped into my fatkini and hit the beach, but not before grabbing some drinks. The squad and I strolled through the picturesque streets, and made…


I am beyond ready for my upcoming vacation.  It’s been years since I’ve gone away for more than just a weekend, and I am so ready to relax and feel sand between my toes. So I’ve been planning outfits and considering what to wear for dinners and activities. I want to be comfortable and sexy…


These shorts are the TRUTH! I am getting all of my life in these comfy Shirred Panel Shorts from Forever21+, which are currently sold out online, but may be available in-store. I bought mine at the Galleria Mall in STL, which now carries plus sizes – pretty exciting, even though it’s just a small corner…