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http://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comI really wanted to wear something festive in Cozumel, Mexico. So I knew I had to break out the tropical fruit prints, which I had been dying to wear all season.

I’ve been seeing this dress – yes, this is a dress – for months now, but when I saw Kim, The Natural Fashionista, wearing this, I was sold!

I decided to wear my bathing suit underneath this with a fun, flirty black top on top… We were going to the beach.

I wish my shoe game could have been better for the beach, but… the sand, though… I was not fooling with it. Sand is so dirty and messy – I just can’t. So needless to say, these shoes got trashed on my vacation, and now they’re my beaters. Just like that… they were cheap anyways.

One thing is for sure: I want more fruit prints.

I am thinking about these items:

fruits 3




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  1. jaxiep says:

    Aww shucks! I love that dress on you and Kim! I may have to invest in one as well! Great post!

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    1. Yes – the price point on this specific one is irresistible!


  2. Your pineapple skirt is seriously cute! I love prints like that for Summer, and wow you got to go to Mexico, must have been so much fun!


    1. Thanks , chica! Yes – we went on a cruise and it was too much fun! I need another vacation – ASAP.


  3. catherine dentale says:

    I just discover your blog vand I like very much your looks ,you have a true personality and I will come often ,even though for the time being I CAN T ACHIEVE subscribing to your newsletter but I ll make it !!!have a nive week end


    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I will look into the newsletter situation. Have a great week!


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