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http://finessecurves.comIf you think you are too fat for water sports, you are not alone. I had my doubts about dying – seriously.

Didn’t that guy form The Bachelor die doing this?… Well, it was paragliding, but they are pretty much the same thing in my head.

Gabi Fresh’s advice that if you can fit into the harness, then it’s fine, was pretty comforting. So when the people I was traveling with wanted to go on a jet ski tour of Key West, along with a banana boat and parasailing ride, I was down.

Out of all the things we tried, parasailing was the best. It was so relaxing and breathtaking, and I just cannot wait to do it again!

The thing I liked the least was the jet skiing. My biggest fear of falling off happened: I was on it with another person, and it was too much action. We jumped off the jet ski when it started rocking, and getting back on was difficult, to say the least.

The weight limit is typically 250 pounds, and I weight much more than that. So I encourage you to do your research, and try some water sports and other things you’re curious about. Do not let your weight discourage you from experiencing amazing things.


By the way, we did our excursion through Fury. They showed us a really good time. Not only did they keep us entertained and safe, they also provided snacks, beer, wine, water and soda on the yacht.

Style notes: I wanted to be cute but we were getting wet and wild, so I needed to be comfy. I opted for this crochet top and shorts.

A lot of people are scared to try tops with cutouts, but you just have to find one that looks good on you. I recommend actually trying see-through looks on vs. ordering something online, because I tried on a couple before deciding on this one. I had on my Swim Sexy “fatkini” on underneath, which I will show you guys in a later post.
Loving my selfie
Crew Love

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“These moments occupy the biggest part of my heart.”

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  1. April Nunez says:

    Such a nice photos, and love your top! 🙂

    April of:
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz


    1. Thanks – it was so much fun!


  2. Dana Fashina says:

    Love this whole damn post and SO jealous!


    1. Gah – the problems I create in my head are truly laughable. This was so much fun! I need to treat myself more often.

      Liked by 1 person

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