Barre Studio Skins You’ll Love

This workout accessory is the perfect way to provide that extra cushion and underfoot grip you need during a session. They are a great alternative to barre socks, too, and there are so many styles available.

Sweater Weather

I don’t know about you, but I love a good sweater-dress. So I knew I had to get this beaut the moment I laid eyes on it.

Getting My Life

If you think you are too fat for water sports, you are not alone. I had my doubts about dying – seriously.

Elevators & Food Pics

Nobody ever sits down to share meal anymore, so it was pretty awesome to sit down during vacation to chat about pop culture, news and other obnoxious things while noshing on all kinds of goodness. We got totally dolled up and jazzed to sit around and have juicy dinner table talk everynight of vacation. So…