Barre Studio Skins You’ll Love

Everybody is raving about barre classes. It’s the hottest new fitness craze, which is cool because it’s always fun to switch up the workout routine so it doesn’t get boring. Am I right?

Committed to always changing and improving myself, this definitely caught my interest. So, I decided to get some fitness gear to keep me motivated and feeling my best. A big part of my personal development involves growing healthier both spiritually and physically.

So, I decided to grab some studio skins. This workout accessory is the perfect way to provide that extra cushion and underfoot grip you need during a session. They are a great alternative to barre socks, too, and there are so many styles available:

  1. Joe’s New Balance Outlet

  2. New Balance

  3. Fabletics

  4. Pure Barre

  5. Amazon has lots of options

Personally, I opted for the ones from New Balance – mostly because I work at New Balance corporate and receive a generous discount.


If you have big and wide feet, like me, then these are sure to fit you. Having extended sized feet, I was nervous about the fit. But they feel supportive and plush, with a little grip for good footing. So I can favorite studio activities with that good ground feel.

Plus, with these studio wraps being available in multiple colors, it’s easy coordinate them with all the favorite gym looks!

Refreshing my workout gear always gives me the confidence and motivation needed to stay committed to fitness goals.

That’s why I snagged mine. I really wanted something stylish and functional that I would actually use and love.

Also, cool outfit details are great conversation starters at the gym and a sure way to turn heads.

Style Notes: Shirt (other retailers carry it in larger sizes but this one is on sale)| Studio Skins | Leggings 

Photos were taken by Anna from Happy Nerd Photography


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