Curve Watch a BoPo Movement

Curve Watch is a body positivity movement launched out of St. Louis, Missouri that’s meant to inspire and empower people everywhere.

This movement is bout finding confidence, well-being and loving the skin you’re in. It’s about not limiting or withholding your happiness because you feel that your body makes you unworthy.

Many people think body positivity is bout rocking your FUPA with confidence and wearing whatever you want. And, that very well may be a part of it.

But, body positivity and Curve Watch is also about having a healthy mindset in the midst of society’s hostility towards people who are overweight or who are just different otherwise.

Body positivity doesn’t mean not achieving holistic health goals, either. It means self love and that every body is a good body. Curve Watch is here to promote that.

Meet the Curve Watch Girls:


A creative, quirky, fashion-obsessed soul who loves to laugh. Anna owns a lifestyle, fashion and creativity blog.

Ebbi Nicole 

Ebbi is a body positive advocate, influencer and founder of the Fluffy Grl Movement. She’s been empowering the fluff sine 2011.


Alisha is the She.E.O of Dangerous Curves, a BOPO advocate and an event. Alisha is a mover and shaker in the plus size community and is known nationally for her work.


Rae is the founder of #FATshionablyCorrect. Also, a body positive and fashion blogger and educator. Rae brightens up any room and is making major strides in the plus size fashion community.


Alison is a body positive fashion blogger who loves to share her latest favorite fashions, makeup, and food. When she’s not living thoe busy life of an influencer, she’s putting in work as an early childhood educator and being a social butterfly.


Jeanne is a St. Louis-based creative content creator and influencer. She loves to share fashion, career and technology recommendations with her followers, and also let people in on adventures as a 30-something single black female in the Midwest.


These ladies participated in the the original Curve Watch photoshoot but everybody and EVERY BODY is welcome to join the movement. Please feel free to use and follow the hashtag (#curvewatch2018) and share your body positivity or self love stories and pictures.


About the Photographers:

Tracy Jane Weidel

Tracey Jane is a talented STL-based photographer who always brings her A-game to set. Also the curator of @stlfaces, she’s a thoughtful artist who brings amazing attention to detail and vision to all of her projects.


Coco assisted Tracy Jane on the Curve Watch shoot and did a little modeling herself.  Coco is a photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of 3 AM Thoughts Production company.


Swim season is coming to an end in the northern hemisphere but that doesn’t mean there won’t be end-of-summer getaways and winter vacations bring suits along to and feel your best. So, enjoy some shopping recommendations from Curve Watch.

Shopping Notes: A lot of these suits are sold out but here are the brands from which they came:

Lane Bryant: Navy monokini is still available

Old Navy


JC Penny


Torrid: Watermelon suit is still available

I hope you’re inspired to try new things and value your unique and very special identity.

“We want absolutely all bodies to be celebrated and idolized, represented and glorified.”

― Megan Jayne

Cheers to that, and we appreciate your support!


All photos were taken by  Tracy Jane Weidel.



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    I love EVERYTHING about this!!! Yes Jeanne!!! You look amazing boo boo!! I even love your nail color, just yasss bitch!! Eyebrows laid!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks babe! Representing out here! Your support is sooooo appreciated!!


      1. I just die everytime i read your site. It gives me all the feels, please don’t stop making move like this babe, you are INSPIRING!!


      2. Thank you so much! That really means a lot – especially comping from somebody as whole and awesome as you! 💞💞💞💞


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