Plus Size Workwear Solutions with LOFT + Giveaway

I believe that looking your best when at your job can be a huge confidence builder and actually improve your performance.

From my experience, a great outfit lends what’s needed to speak out in meetings and foster better relationships with coworkers. In my opinion, it also commands the respect necessary to get ahead. I say this because people read your energy and, unfortunately, judge you based on what you wear. And, when you look great, you typically feel great also.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t need to be dressed to the nines to be feeling myself at all. I can walk around looking like Monchhichi in a homely frock and still feel like a queen. But, with my career picking up some momentum, it’s important that employers and clients view and treat me with respect, always.

Now, we’ve all had a bad hair day or worn something that amplified our fupa, leaving us hiding behind our desk and not wanting to take our day by the horns. It’s a disservice to our greatness to feel this way. Our clothing shouldn’t define us. But, on the other hand, rocking a killer outfit triggers a sense of playfulness and self-assurance. It makes me want to go over and have a face-to-face conversation rather than shooting an email, or want to go out for lunch with coworkers instead of eating alone.

The right clothing pieces can really elevate your work look to help with those efforts. But, sometimes, finding those pieces can be frustrating. Sometimes, I find myself searching for hours to find different components of one look. So, I’m thrilled that LOFT delivers lots of options, with a similar color palette and feel, in one location to mix and match in order to achieve many great looks.

In the spirit of dressing for confidence in the workplace as a plus size women, I’ve put together some office looks from LOFT. Be sure to check my IG and here on the blog for different looks over the next couple of weeks.

LOFT recently expanded sizing up to 26, which is my size, so I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, if you follow my social media, then you may have seen that I was invited up to Loveland, CO, to host a LOFTplus launch party in one of their brick and mortar stores. Here are some fun snapshots from the party (I threw in some pics from the LOVE at Mid Rivers launch party, too)http://finessecurves.comhttp://finessecurves.comhttp://finessecurves.comhttp://finessecurves.com


It was such a good time getting to meet some blogger boos, shop with other plus size women and try out some new looks that they lovely LOFT Shops at Centerra staff helped me create.

I went ahead and recreated the look once I got back home to Saint Louis – take a look.


As an added bonus, here’s another look that is perfect for the office because it can be dressed up or down. Also, it fits like a dream! I’m so excited to have this as a new wardrobe staple.

FYI: LOFT is planning a series of events over the next few weeks, taking place all over the US. Click here to RSVP in a city near you..

Just in case you can’t make it to a launch party, LOFT was kind enough to gift one party swag bag to share to raffle off. You’ll need to enter on IG.

To enter, please like the post below and tag one or more friends, and then you’ll also need to follow @LoveLoft_ShopsatCenterraa.

This give away is INTERNATIONAL and it will run for two weeks, until October 9. Good luck!

Style notes: Faux Leather skirt | Shoulder Button Ruffle Top | Jumpsuit

This post is in collaboration with LOFT. All opinions are my own.

Photography by Happy Nerd Photography  – except for the party pics, of course!



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  1. YASSS GET THE COINS SIS! Lovin that leather skirt.


    1. Yesssss, sis! Thanks babe!


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