I’ve been gearing up for a fun and festive holiday season, hauling all the sparkle and sequins I can find!

I couldn’t help but to notice all the glitzy rainbow pieces available and thought I’d share a few irresistible pieces!

Typically, during the holidays you’ll see lots of darker colors, like red and black. So, I was very excited to see some bright and lively options that will help you spring right into the holidays.

I like to keep things body positive and inclusive. So, the pieces I’m showing range from one size fits all to size US 24! So every BODY can splash their wardrobe with some sparkle.
Available up to size 3X
Available up to size 3X
One Size Fits All
Available up to size US 24
Available up to size 3X


The top I’m wearing is linked above and the skirt is from last year’s collection. It’s quickly become my top go-to holiday piece that I’ll probably never let go.

I hope your holiday season is full of lots of good food, friendly faces, magic and sparkle to boot!



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