Weekend Vibes in Plus Size a Ruffle-Sleeve Dress


Being a girly girl, I love ruffles. 

Being an apple shape, I love a shift dresses because they’re always so flattering and feminine.

Dresses are so simple. I love it! You just put it on, accessorize and you’re good to go. So effortless. 

Because of this, I barely own any pants. But, I plan to explore pants and jeans more this fall. Kind of scared (of being frustrated by not finding good pairs) but excited (because when you find the right butt-flattering pair it’s magic).


Back to the dress!

This one caught my eye when I was shopping on a recent visit to Dallas back in July. I was hunting for some cute shoes but left with more than I came in to buy (story of my life). And, by the way, I see that this ruffle sleeve swing dress is currently on sale and comes in many different color options.

Back in Saint Louis, I decided to wear it to Bowood Farms’ Cafe Osage for brunch with some other local creatives.

By the way, the farm-to-table food there is delicious. Organic. House-made. House-grown. Plated to perfection. Everything. 



After brunch, we headed over to take a walk around the nursery and gift shop. Let me tell you: This place is filled with a collection of magical items that will spruce up any space and make you feel totally energized – and just good.  

Make you remember how to smile good.

The selection of exotic plants and oils there are endless. I can just see one of their cacti perfectly situated in my collection on my office desk. It feels good to take care of a plant. Love that natural pop of green around, too. Life.

My visit here also reminds me that supporting local businesses is super important – everything, really. 


And, transparent moment coming in 3, 2, 1…

Lately, I’ve also learned to take more time to love on myself.

Finding myself drained, I needed this brunch with the girls. It reminded me that self care can sometimes mean surrounding yourself with loving energy. I can keep to myself sometimes, which is fine, but interaction with others is sometimes key to growth.

(So, brunch anyone? Let’s call it self care. Ha.)

Oh, yeah! Announcement: I’ll be at the TCF Style Expo next weekend! Taking some more time to connect with friends, shop and kick it. So, if you’re there, then be sure to give me a holler.

Style Notes: Dress | Shoes | Purse

Photos were taken by Anna from Happy Nerd Photography




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