About Halloween

Oops, I did it again – I failed to plan for Halloween. I literally came up with this thotstume an hour before I hit the streets! It was a toss-up between this or a cat–both equally as cliche (sighs). Next year, I really need to do more planning.

I guess I am not used to the whole Halloween thing, as I never participated in it as a child. So this is relatively new to me…

This “costume” was pretty fun to wear. It showcased a little tummy, which added a segzy element to the look. I typically do not show off my tummy, but when I do, it always makes me feel so free.

I think I will finally look into the crop top trend. My tummy has always been my “problem area,” but I am starting to find that some styles may work for my body type – more skin coming soon.

This look consists of old pieces in my wardrobe, and my new combat boots from Torrid.

Twinning with Aftermarket Beauty CEO Locha.


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  1. Locha says:

    One of the Best Halloweens thus Far!!! You called it* #SchoolGirls #LadueKids* Out #Thotstumes were AWESOME!*! “We from #Ferguson*” Lol. S/O To Saint Louis*

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