Style Capture

As I develop my own style, I like to find other bloggers to look to for inspiration. PetitePlusMeow captivated me the moment I laid eyes on her blog. My girl, Ms. Meow, has you covered from feature vintage and glamorous looks to casual casual wear.

Her looks is so beautiful and approachable, and I think it is very important as a blogger to create looks that can be reproduced. I mean, who doesn’t love a $500 dress and $1,500 purse?! These types of looks are perfect for a glamorous night out, but a girl needs some everyday-wear inspiration, you know?

I got inspired by this look during a Casual Wear series that Ms. Meow did earlier this season. I already bought these fabulous tights during my vaca in September for NYFW 2K14, but had to shop for a denim shirt that would fit over my broad shoulders.

Here’s the look:

image (32)

image (33)


I am very pleased with this look- it is ideal for the office (my office is pretty casual every day). However, I wore this out to Pi, a pizza place famous for its cornmeal crust, and also known for being Obama’s favorite pizza joint. Here are some food pics, as promised:

image (31)

2010-03-27 14.49.02

2010-03-27 14.48.48

2010-03-27 14.44.122010-03-27 14.46.27


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  1. Romeo says:

    Good look!
    I like the flannel with denim

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  2. Loving this Style Captured. Honored to be an outfit inspiration missy!!! Xo

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    1. Thanks for inspiring us all!

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