Black and Blue

Sometimes I feel like I am on autopilot: Work, eat, sleep and repeat

This week, I interrupted my regularly scheduled program for dinner/movie night with a friend. We saw Dumb and Dumber To–and no, I did not spell that incorrectly, I think it was purposefully misspelled – get it! 😉 The movie was good, but not as good as the original, which was expected.

I wore this – my “favorite color,” black, and a pop of blue sequins. Sequins is always in this time of the year, and faux leather is always in as well. I topped it all off with a fuzzy cardi from H&M. I always use the holidays as an excuse to be obnoxiously tacky or loud. This outfit also made me feel festive and flirty.




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  1. Dana Fashina says:

    You just gave me a great idea of how to wear my sequin jacket! Love it!

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    1. Thanks, Dana! By the way, I always LOVE all of your posts. Your writing is so moving, and your style and recipes are fantastic! Have a good weekend.


      1. Dana Fashina says:

        Aw wow, thank you!!
        You know it’s like…sometimes I look at my shit and am like, “Oh god..”
        So this helps, this helps a lot lol!
        Thank you hotstuff!

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