How to Dress Up Your Old Bag


Give your favorite bag a facelift in seconds by adding a few accessories. Adding trendy trinkets or a scarf gives a classic bag extra flair.

Ice Cream Dreams 003

http://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comIce Cream Dreams 009http://FinesseCurves.comI took this red quilted bag that was gifted to me and spruced it up with an H&M scarf and a “rabbit foot.

Pleased with the results, I am looking to give all my bags life and accessorize them to create different looks with other things I already have in my wardrobe including:

-Fur Stoles

-Charms and brooches

-Ribbons and bows

Style notes: The skirt is Forever 21+, the Jacket is Ava&Viv. The bag is old but from Charming Charlie’s. Sunnies are by Aldo.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. lenathediva says:

    how freaking cute is this?! love the look hun!!


    1. Thanks, chica!


  2. Oh this is such a neat idea!
    And so easy too, it’s like damn why didn’t I think of that!!
    Thanks for the tip boo!
    Look at you all cute and licking an ice cream cone 😛


    1. You know I got you! I cannot wait to go in on some bags – ahhh!!

      Liked by 1 person

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