http://FinesseCurves.comI usually feel most comfortable in a pencil skirt and a v-neck.  So I was surprised when I tried on this combo and loved it. It gives that 70s vibe and it’s perfect for both work and play, depending how it’s styled.

I got on the midi skirt train kind of late because I wasn’t sure it was for me.  This skirt right here, though, is the perfect color and length for this time of the year. It’s from Charlotte Russe, and I got it in a 3X. I could have possibly sized down,  but I wanted it to be demure and a nice, long  length. The shirt (3X) is also from Charlotte Russe.  Looks like this are quickly becoming my faves.


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  1. Silksache't says:

    I just cant look at your pictures anymore, I always end up wanting to steal something…lol
    I think I am turning into a low key thief ha ha


    1. HAHA girl!!! This skirt was $10 in-store! I was going NUTS!!! Thanks for stopping by, girl!

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      1. Silksache't says:

        I love me a good deal..mi aint mad at ya…no problem love. 😊

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  2. juliette says:

    LOVE this outfit Girl!

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    1. Thanks! ❤ ❤ ❤


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