Goodbye, BooBoo Kitty!

http://FinesseCurves.comhttp://FinesseCurves.comBody art is a bold form of self-expression. We all choose different ways to express ourselves with tattoos. Some of us choose not to express ourselves with body art at all. Life is about choices.

I was young when I got this tattoo – confused and hasty. Playing into my enticing, pin-up inspired style, I wanted body art to enhance this vibe. BooBoo Kitty wasn’t calculated at all, though.

Fast forward eight years later, and I found myself very clear about who I am, what I want to be and ready to leave BooBoo Kitty in the dust.

http://FinesseCurves.comI knew changing my body art would be a scary challenge. “Would it turn out the way I wanted?”, I asked myself. “Should I just get her removed?!”

I never thought I would be the type of girl who got a chest tattoo – I thought of myself as being so conservative. I cared what people would think and how I would be treated. And some people do view those with body art differently. We’re all entitled to our opinions…

I developed the concept over a year or two while I looked for an artist I liked. I wanted to erase her with something beautiful, and I could not think of anything more beautiful than red roses – my grandmother’s favorite flower. I plan to build the tattoo up with more red roses going down my arm and back. I want some bees too – yes, bees – for my other granny, who called me “B,” for “Beannie.” (Because my name is Jeanne – like in a bottle. Think about it… I’ve definitely thought things through this time, and my vision is strong.

To have a dream is one thing, but to actually believe in them allows them to flourish and manifest. This rose stands alone right now, but soon, it will be surrounded by other gorgeous blooms and things that remind me of life’s gifts and beauty.



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  1. Out with the old!


    1. Yes, a much needed change. I feel brand new!

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  2. Deena says:

    Thats a great cover up. Looking forward to seeing how the roses and bees develop. Sayonara kitty!

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    1. Thank you, girl, I will keep you posted!! I’m so excited!


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