Because the best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.

And, because the last time I mapped out my visions, most of them came to fruition, I’ve decided to do it again. I believe in constant self-awareness and improvement.

On my last board, I featured being a world-traveling blogger, along with a few other personal goals I’ve accomplished. So I plan to aim high always, because where there is a will there definitely is a way.

I was inspired to do this by Laura of OhWizeOne.com and Januarie of The I is Never Silent. (You can find out how to make a vision board here.) Although this is not exactly a traditional vision board, I will probably print out this post and make a physical vision board that I can look at, meditate on, and expand upon over time. Meditating and executing the vision is key. 

Welp, here are some of my goals:

Find some amazing shapewear.


Revamp my look. Maybe some new hair color, and getting rid of a few things in my closet.

Get more energy – probably by working out and eating better.


Be more ecofriendly. Hello, El Nino!

Spend less, travel more.

My goals are simple, and I plan to do more planning when the time comes. Obviously, financial and career gains are part of the plan – I think they are for all humans.

What I’ve learned is that consistency is key. It’s much easier to chip away at goals day-by-day.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”





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