Black Sweat

Busy gals don’t always have time to make it to the gym, but the FitBit allows me to work on my fitness without feeling obligated to step foot in a gym. It counts my steps as it sits comfortably on my wrist, gamifying everything in life.

Going to the mall is a new adventure these days. Now, I try to park further away and take different routes to get more steps. I may be more tired, but I feel gratification from being able to crush my daily 10,000 step goal (it ain’t easy).

Accountability is one of the biggest parts of maintaining a healthy life. That means tracking calories and exercise. Not only does this help out with that, it also monitors sleep and the heart rate, making for a healthier lifestyle.

FitBits also fit perfectly into the athleisure trend that is booming, blending seamlessly into any casual outfit.


This product was provided by Verizon. All opinions are my own.

Style Notes:

FitBit: Verizon

Pants: Forever21+

Shoes: Nike

Top: SwimSuitsforAll (Sold out)

Photography: @TheBizHippie



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