Cooler Than Me

I wish I could say that my content moves souls to change their lives or reach for the stars, or I am the most fashionable in the game, but that’s just not real.

The truth is that I struggle every day to be accepted and find clothes that fit to put on my back. These curves are larger than they may appear.

I am big and tall; an awkward combination for a girl who feels so dainty on the inside. And, most bloggers opt for full midi skirts and extravagant, timeless looks. Don’t get me wrong, I go for those looks too, as expensive as they are. And, my closet is full of $200 dresses (even if I got them on sale). Sometimes, though, I just want to put on a cropped top and shorts and seize my day.

I want to dress my uncontrollable cleavage and long legs without being fat or slut shamed.

When I started this blog, I didn’t know what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect strangers, and people from my church (of all places), to publicly ridiculed me. I just wanted to connect the many women who always ask me what I’m wearing to the brands I love.

I get a lot of compliments when I’m out, even on this outfit that you see here in this post. But what people don’t know is how hard I have to look to find clothes that fit my body. Thankfully, there are a lot of brands that cater to extended plus sizes these days (please drop your faves in the comment section).

But with such high markups and Limited availability, the struggle remains very real.

And, I could just squeeze my body into anything – and sometimes I do – but I can’t live my life like that every day.

To be accepted in society as human beings, we have to wear clothing!

So yes, fashion blogging is a big deal, and it’s here to stay. We need people to show us where and how we could find the clothes to express ourselves.

And, I’m not here to be the next big blogger. I’m here to show women that look like me, and even women that don’t, that they can feel and dress how they want. And, that it doesn’t have to be determined by trends, fat rolls, stretch marks, or cellulite. There is a fashion cure for every situation, even if it means going topless or being naked with just heels and lipstick on (coming soon – jk).


Style Notes: I got this dress from the always faithful Asos Curve. The Asos Curve Brand runs big. This is a 24 and I could have sized down.

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  1. cid style file says:

    New reader to you blog and I loved this post. I appreciate you honesty and openness about blogging and difficulty dressing yourself everyday. Looking forward to reading more!

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    1. Thanks! Sometimes, I just need to remind myself why I got into this, it makes it so much easier! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  2. Ashley says:

    Can I just say I adore you? That is all lol. I love EVERYTHING about this post!


    1. Thanks, boo! You know, I’m so positive, it’s hard to see the bad stuff in the world until it smacks me in the face.

      Can’t wait for your next YoutTube video, let me know when it’s live!


  3. I love this posts and I gasped when you said that, it’s always the ones that pass judgement then hide in the shadows afterwards. You fashion sense is amazing and fashion isn’t defined by size or price. Negative mean comments often come from those who aren’t brave enough to put themselves out there they are always the ones that have something to say I’ve noticed this on YouTube as well in larger Youtubers who share a touching experience or something personal. It’s forever beyond me how people can be like that. Love the dress keep doing you boo because little do you know you are an inspiration to others!


    1. Thank you! I am just appalled sometimes, but that’s the way of the world. I definitely have to toughen up because it’s only going to keep happening. Sometimes, though, I am just like, “Who does does this…” YouTube is especially bad!


  4. I LOVE the dress and can definitely identify with what you are saying. Keep loving yourself and helping us be beautiful.

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    1. Right! I am tired of being opressed as a fat, black female. People think they’ve got us all figured out. We’re showing them what we are made of, though.

      Like this shit is uneccessary and I see it all the time. Just take a look at these veteran bloggers getting trolled. I guess it comes with the territory…


    2. Yes girl! They think they’ve got us all figured out, but we’re showing them what we are made of. Just look at this verteren blogger getting trolled:


  5. Silksache't says:

    wait a minute, who is publicly bashing you or talking shyt?? (as i braid my hair and put vaseline on my face) where they at??? i aint for that mean bullying nonsense. i hate it…you continue to be great love, we all have our insecurities, and society and they media dont help but we have to continue to push through the best way we know how. you have no idea how many people feel the same way as you and are glad that you put it out there..xoxoxoxoxoxox

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    1. Yeah – it’s happening every day. Even to kids. Just think about that girl who got teased about her prom!

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      1. Silksache't says:

        Yeah i did read about that…disgusting…smdh

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  6. Love isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about this post. We often get so caught up and forget why we do this but then all it takes is a post like yours or a comment from a reader who’s thankful to you for being an inspiration. I appreciate your candor — stay authentic boo. xoxo


    1. Thanks! It’s so easy to get caught up in society’s expectations as a blogger, but we gotta remember that we love getting dressed and that’s what it’s all about – fashion.

      I try to keep it real, even though that gets a little crazy at times. LOL!!!

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