Tech Tuesday: Step Up Your Vlog Game

I just got done celebrating my 10-year high school reunion. Now, it’s time for Labor Day, another extended weekend full of partying with family and friends.

And, at every holiday party, you can expect somebody to break out some new gadget. A few years ago, it was drones. These days, I’ve seen a lot of GoPros. Both pretty snazzy devices that capture all the fun times.

So what’s the new big thing?

I’m seeing more and more of 360 cameras. These are perfect for capturing the entire scene in a fun perspective, taking a flat image to a new level.

It’s a technology used on many virtual reality platforms because it simulates the experience of actually being in a location.

So it’s one of the newest phases in photography and video technology, used in virtual reality. I encourage all vloggers and photographers to at least dabble in it to see if it sparks any type of creativity.

Imagine going to a hot conference or concert and being able to share that with your viewers. Pretty dope, right?

What do you do with it?

Like many other devices, it connects to your phone, making it easy to store and send images. The best part about it is that it’s kind of like a party prop that you can pass around and capture all types of images, unlike a drone or GoPro that has one operator.

What else?

You can take this thing on the beach or to the mountains and capture the most beautiful landscapes. It’s great for cityscapes, too!


For all the tech buffs that like to get really specific, this camera is capable of capturing full, seamless, 360×360 degree images and videos. It also has three microphones for amazing sound quality.

What’s more?

The 360 cam is super portable, making it ideal for travel. You can just slip it into your purse or carry on and break it out any time you see a photo opportunity. Also, with a super long battery life and Bluetooth and WiFi built in for convenience you really can use it anywhere.

So do you want to be the life of the party?

If you have a big trip or gathering going on, this camera will be a hit. You’ll be able to capture unforgettable images.


Nicky Arriola/GizBeat





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