Denim Lover’s Guide to an Indian Summer

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By Jeanne DeClue

It’s about that time when many of us are saying goodbye to summer and reintroducing boots and jeans back into our wardrobes.

But, for those of us who live in places with Mediterranean climates, this isn’t exactly ideal. I mean, it’s still hot and it’s not getting much cooler for some of us.

So what’s the problem?

Before you know it, you’re in the middle of an “Indian Summer” with nothing to wear.

Many stores are switching their inventory over to pieces that just aren’t a good fit for those who are still experiencing that in-between-y weather. And those of us experiencing mild, year-round weather want more options than full-length denim and jackets.

What’s more?

This is also a great time to travel to places like California, and Down Under. So there’s a need for light or non-jean denim for that, too.

Denim lovers…

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