It’s been a while, guys. I know, it’s really been too long…

I would start to tell you why I’ve been neglecting my dear blog but… We all know that life happens.

What’s important is that I’m here now. I’ve missed you all. I’ve missed this ele

ment in my life so much.

So when Ebbi Nicole of Fluffy Grl Movement invited me to Curvy Grl’s Nite Out, I was excited to get out the house, for a change, and have some fun.

This night was part of a series of “FUNdraising” events created to publicize the body positive work of emerging plus size brands and bring plus size women together.

…Ah, togetherness: something I believe the plus size community is lacking. As I’ve been diving more and more into the mix, I feel like a crab in a cliquey barrel.

However, this event was a breath of fresh air, with women fellowshipping and having lots of fun. And, it was the first local plus size-themed event actually thrown by influencers that I’ve attended.

And, now I see that the STL blogger and influencer network is growing and thriving. This is very new and exciting to me because at one point I just wasn’t sure how many other blogger folk were in my city.

The house was packed with lots of vendors, bloggers and fluffy fans. We enjoyed specialty drinks and shopping all night.

It was just the push I needed to get back out here in these blogging streets. Feels good to be back.




Style Notes: Skirt (old): Similar | Top (old): Similar | Shoes (old): Similar




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