It’s a Celebration

First things first, RIP Charlie Murphy.

Sigh. The good ones really do die young.

Second of all, I had a birthday and apparently a blogiversary over the weekend. I cannot believe this slipped my mind… A true testament to how checked out I’ve been lately.

All is well, just taking some time to myself (all for good reasons, I promise). Thanks to all who have checked on me during this down time.

Anyway, I believe this is year three for me, and I’m quite pleased.

Blogging has changed my life. Thank you all for all your love and support throughout these wonderful years.


Stly Notes: Dress|Earrings | Shoes




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  1. I know….I was soooo sad to hear he died, like he was really a story teller on a whole other level. Far and beyond the rest. RIP Charlie Murphy.

    And congratulationsssss on both milestones!!
    Did you turn up already? Or is that coming this weekend haha!!

    I love your hair in these pictures too, flawless

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  2. Dana! Yes, the turn up was so real!

    And, you have been giving me life! Love the new blog layout, too.

    Thanks, girl!


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