5 Summer Statement Bags I’m Totes Crazy About

Wood Bag from Aldo Srping 2017 on http://FinesseCurves.com

Hello, weekend and my beautiful readers. We meet again.

I am so ready for you. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sipping on a nice cold drink and enjoying some good ol’ weekend internet shopping.

So let’s have some fun and get into these bags. 

Whether you’re headed to a garden party, wedding or music festival, you can bet you’ll need a statement bad to pull your outfit together.

There are so many choices of styles that will make any outfit pop.

I’m loving the food-themed stuff, and vulgar statement bags. Flora and fauna detailing is also a nice touch, if you’re trying to class it up a bit.

My “Wood” bag from Aldo is always a big hit. 

Wood Bag from Aldo Srping 2017 on http://FinesseCurves.com

Here are a few of my other favorites below.

rotting Ur teeth 1 day at a Time 💀🎒✖️ sugar, guilt N basic free 〰DollsKill.com/Diet #dollskill

A post shared by Dolls Kill (@dollskill) on

I love a bag that makes a statement. This one, from Dolls Kill, is sure to be a great party or festival piece.

This bag from Nylon is equally as daring, it gives no fucks!

The Agate Gaia's Ark is now available. Shown here in Mini.

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These collapsible acrylic bags from Cult Gaia are everything! Some are saying they’re the new “it” bag.

Also, I’m mesmerized by all the novelty bags over at OSO a Style Lab. Super mod.

And, if you’re not in the market for a new bag, an old bag can always be spiced up with a few charms and scarves.

By the way, here are some more shots from when I met up with Black Bloggers United STL. Be sure to check them out. There’s probably a chapter in your city and they have monthly events.


And… a few candids, of course…





Oh yeah—are there any that I missed?

Please let me know which one is your fave or what handbags you’ve been loving this season!




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