Wet Seal Goes Out of Business

Another One Bites The Dust:

I was too mad when I found out that Wet Seal is going out of business. So, when I heard the news, I headed to the mall to hopefully catch a sale. Plus, there was this kimono that I saw online and was just dying to have… even though I am on a “spending freeze.” #SingleBlackFemaleAddictedtoRetail… Well…

When I arrived and realized that the store was already missing, I decided to skip down to the F21+. I hate the selection in this store at this particular mall. The plus size section is crammed in a little corner – so needless to say: It’s very slim pickings… This cannot be life!

It’s not that I do not like F21 – I just wish that they had better in-store selection. I don’t mind shopping online, but I like to have the physical experience with a brand. I like to see how something is going to fit… It just seems so disrespectful that retailers cannot deliver! Well, I did end up buying some pants, leggings and a swim suit bottom. I felt sort of delivert!

What I bought:


High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms


Navy Leggings

WetSeal+ Online:

Flower Duster Kimono

Play Suit

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  1. carascliche says:

    You found a great kimono even though it may not have been the one you were after! It seems like everywhere is calling it quits lately, boooo!

    xx Cara


    1. I know, right – le sigh….

      The kimono and playsuit came in the mail, and they are both so gorgeous!! I cannot wait to share here on the blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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