Birthday Suit


It’s my blogiversary today, and my birthday is exactly one week away. SO much has happened in the past year – I am in a totally different place.

I started this blog just days before starting my current position at CrowdSource. I needed something to pour myself into, and I wanted to do something that made me happy. I was a bit frustrated with life for a while, but I still had hope that my visions would manifest – and they did like I never imagined. #WontHeDoit… LOL – he did.

Although I did not really start consistently start blogging until about 7 months ago after NYFW, I am happy with where I am today. So cheers to that!

So far, I love the blogging community as a whole – they work so hard to share their voices and are so passionate about their crafts.

Oh yeah… This romper was so much fun! I feel like Beyonce from Goldmember!

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  1. Dana Fashina says:

    Yes to your lips, this jumpsuit, your anniversary and your upcoming birthday!!

    Congratulations my love!!
    Here’s to another year of changes and success!!


    1. *Cheers* I am so excited for year 2! Thanks for always showing love and for creating awesome content for me to consume!!!

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