The McCarthy Factor

Melissa McCarthy is not typically known for looking fabulous or her fashion sense. Instead, we often see her on the silver screen looking androgynous as she makes us laugh, and we forget that she is acting. In real life, this woman slays fashion. Even though she publicly protests couture designers not catering her, she continues to wow us on the red carpet in designs from Maxa Mara and Marchesa to David Meister.

Melissa McCarthy is taking control by starting her own clothing line, predicted to debut fall 2015. This may seem a bit unexpected for those who did not know she has actually been interested in fashion since she studied it in college. However, instead, she perused a promising stand-up career. Luckily, these days she has an amazing platform, where her ideas about fashion can be received.

Sometimes, as a plus size woman – or just a woman in general – it’s hard to get respect. Even in this new age of body positivity, fat women in film are always portrayed as being so undesirable. It just reinforces stereotypes, such as all fat girls are funny or that they can sing – ridiculous, right?

Well, if you honestly reflect on the roles of fat girls in the media – Rebel Wilson, Gabby Sidibe, even Queen Latifah – they are stripped of the sex appeal given to their slimmer costars. While the singers get a bit more credit, like Mary Lambert and Jill Scott. They also get the opportunity to embrace their sexiness more than those who are subjected to unflattering hair and makeup for roles. Those who never see these women off of the big screen don’t get to fully appreciate their beauty.


It is crucial that these women are seen in a different light… Hanging out with my friend this past weekend and learning that she never saw Melissa McCarthy outside of her films was eye-opening. Those who may not look at plus size blogs aren’t going to fully-understand the body positivity movement and will not be exposed to fat fashion as quickly as those of us who live for it. It’s only natural, and we’re only human.




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  1. Dana Fashina says:

    I love her!
    I’m loving the blog makeover too 🙂

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    1. TY!! It needed a face-lift, and now that I am well into my blogging journey, I wanna do more than just OOTD/OOTN posts. Should be interesting!


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