Pink Sunday

Hours before Lilly For Target launched, I told myself I was going to stay in, place my order, and then hit the streets for a quickie turn up – FAIL!

Midnight came, and then 2 am passed, and when the collection finally launched at 2:20 am CT, all the anxious online shoppers broke the internet. I just kept thinking that the Target engineering team should have been prepared for the high traffic.

I had my heart set on the Nosie Posie shift dress and also the Boom Boom crop top. I got neither – never even had the chance.
Nosie Posie Pluse Shift Dress
Boom Boom Crop Top

I passed out around 4 am, after patiently trying to outwait all the other crazies. I woke up a few hours later around 7:45 and picked over what was left in my size, then frantically rushed to check out before somebody else snatched my precious Boom Boom Jumper.
Boom Boom Jumpsuit

This launch was kind of a mess. It fell short in it’s options for the plus sizes, as they were only available online. (If any of you have the shift dress for sale in a 3x, please let me know!)

I guess I can always find bold and beautiful shift dresses elsewhere, but they won’t be from Lilly.




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