Come out and PLAY


Another day, another dollar…

I find myself so caught up in the hustle sometimes – meetings, calls, emails, grooming…

I love working, it makes me feel in control of things: I like control. I like to plan. I like to be ahead of the game.

I have to remind myself to fall back and chill. One of my favorite places to find peace is in Forest Park.


This ‘fit is so comfy. I love the movement of the skirt and the pockets! I did steam it in the morning before work, but…

Style notes: Hat, Jewelry, Skirt & Shirt: F21+, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Bag: Aftermarket Beauty

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  1. jvlivs says:

    Love the pics! Keep up the good work.

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    1. I am really starting to have fun with blogging these days. Thanks for stopping by, it means more than you know!

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      1. jvlivs says:

        I can imagine. I started blogging everyday for therapeutic reasons. Now I love it. It’s to the point where I’ll blog with my phone if need be.


      2. Yes! It’s a very insightful process. I feel like I can get to know myself and use/find my voice. I find myself not interested in social media so much, and I just love to read blogs… blogging is so powerful and beautiful.

        I do love Snap Chat and Twitter, though – not gonna lie!


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