Doin’ It Well


Everybody needs something to wear on V-day, whether it’s to the office or on a hot date. So I did this post in collaboration with Laura, from to bring you some hot looks.

To me, this outfit is perfect for a hot night out on the town.  The mesh top gives sex appeal, while not actually showing too much skin. I’ve been looking for a top like this for so long, so I sized up to be on the safe side. I would say it runs a little small.

I paired this top with a fringe skirt, which is perfect for a flirty night of dancing. I’ve already worn a variation of this out to the club. And, let me tell you: nothing makes you want to shake your booty like a fringe skirt!

Style notes:

Shirt: Rebdolls

Skirt: Fashion To Figure

Boots: Lane Bryant

Be sure to check out Laura’s looks, too!



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  1. You nailed the look boo! I love the color of your top and that hint of sex appeal it adds!

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    1. Thanks – this outfit is so much fun!

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  2. ohwizeone says:

    I love that skirt!!!! I want it for myself!! 🙂


    1. Thanks, love! It looks cheaper online (the product photo) than it does in person. 🙂

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  3. Okaaay!?
    I hear that girl, ain’t NOTHING makes you wanna shake some ass than a fringe skirt!

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    1. Let the church say, “amen!”

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  4. juliette says:

    Cute! Love that top!


  5. You are killin it! I love that skirt!

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  6. This skirt makes me want to put Tina and Ike’s Rolln on a river, and get my hips to work, love! ( :

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    1. I know right!! I was on the fence about it, but I’m glad I snatched it up… You know what, that’s make a good Halloween costume.


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