Everyday Look


Although this is somewhat of an everyday look for me, this outfit was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers.

Ske killed it. I loved the black on camel combo, and I already had everything I was inspired by in my closet.

I paired a long black midi dress with black leggings and thigh high boots. I threw my camel coat over it, and it was perfect.

I love outfits like this on a breezy winter day.

I like my layers with layers and camel.

Unfortunately, because I already had these items in my wardrobe, many of them are sold out, but here are my recommendations

Coat: Avenue (Similar)

Shoes: Lane Bryant (Similar)

Dress: Rainbow+

Leggings Forever21+

Umbrella: Target





  1. GIRRRLLLLL….thank you ❤
    Just the kindest words, thank you.

    And what I really love about this is that you put a dress over the leggings on this. That's kinda brilliant in a minimalist way so you know I'm all ABOUT it.
    Hunttttyyyyyyy, you nailed this, yassss!

    Liked by 1 person

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