All Black & I’m Proud


We’ve all heard (so many times) that big girls shouldn’t wear color, right? I am no stranger to bold and playful colors, but an all black outfit really does it for me sometimes.

Even though Anna Wintour doesn’t agree, I believe a monochromatic outfit is elongating and has a minimal, simplistic vibe that makes you feel so effortless. Sorry, I’m not sorry Anna.

I’m trying to get my wintery colors in before it’s spring in a few weeks. (Totally dreading switching out my wardrobe. Sigh.)

This outfit makes me feel 7 feet tall, and it’s totally comfy because the shirt is actually a dress (a really short one).

Love the pants, but have to wear heels with them because they graze the floor. Well, “they”say that’s the perfect length, anyway. Wait – who are “they…”

There is always some fashion police telling people how to dress, right?

Style Notes:





Jacket (Ava&Viv – Old)

Bag (Old – Sold out)




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