Smells Like Team Spirit: March Madness

March Madness is HERE! And, I may not be the biggest sports fan, but all the team spirit in the air is contagious.

Now, I’ll admit it; I am that girl at the party who is just there for the food and beer. I’ll get dolled up, and have just as good of a time as the die-hard fans!

It doesn’t matter if I’m couch-side or courtside, I love the March Madness energy; it just brings people together – so magical!

And, showing support for a team doesn’t have to involve body paint or outrageous get-ups. It can be as simple as wearing your team’s colors or just a simple shirt or hat to express your love.

And, if you’re into college basketball, you’re probably thinking: “Oh – the Missouri Tigers won’t make it far.” But, a real fan sticks it out through the good times and bad. So go ahead and proudly rep your team, no matter what. Or, just show up for the food and enjoy the March Madness magic. *Wink wink*

If you’re feeling extra supportive, snag some tickets and enjoy the experience live, and look great doing it! And, if you’re into professional sports TickPick offers cheap tickets for NBA, NFL and much more.


This post was SPONSORED by TickPick but all opinions are my own.

Style Notes:

Skirt: Rebdolls

Shirt: Marshall’s

Shoes: Payless




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