Office Style On a Budget

Okay – so I know that I’ve been publishing things on here all willy-nilly, and I am trying to be more intentional and on a schedule. I was just going through such a dry spell with my blog, that now that I’m getting inspired again, I have a lot of projects in the works and I’m eager to share.

I’m also getting into making videos again, so I’ll be sharing more of those on here, too.

Well, here is an outfit I wore to my place of work this week. As you can see, these pictures were not planned because my skirt is wrinkled as hell. (God, I hate ironing.)

I paired it with a sweater dress and matching flats. This outfit was so easy and fun. Oh – and, I’m wearing NYX liquid matte on the lips and I am in LOVE with the formula. Unfortunately, everything is sold out,  except for the shoes. But, I’m sure items may be available on eBay.

And, be sure to check out the video, it’s only about a minute long and no talking. I appreciate the love and support, y’all (yes, ya’ll… all ya’ll).



Style notes:

Skirt: Similar

Sweater Dress: Similar

Shoes: Payless




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  1. First off, LOVE the hair!!
    Secondly – I hate ironing too, it is the WORST.
    Thirdly – this is really some style inspiration right here though, like for real this is dope office look.Makes me wanna go find a a-line midi skirt and do what you’re doing, ha!


    1. I NEVER was into midi skirts, because I like my skirts above the knee because I have long legs, but can’t do that so much in the office.

      Girls go nuts over midiskirts, so I always feel covered and stylish in one. I think all girls should have one or two for work or brunch or whatever.

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  2. Angel Mbeks says:

    Love this color look beautiful

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    1. Thank you! ❤


  3. You better flip that hair! And the plot twist with the sweater dress….*mind blown*…hahaha! Another winner as per ususal!


    1. Thanks! I am almost 5’11, so it’s easy for me to wear a dress as a shirt. It definitely gives me more options!!


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